I absolutely love how realistic and affordable my nail are. The customer service was top notch. They answered all my questions and made suggestions that suited my needs. Will be ordering again!

Vivian O.

Sale price$12.00

Chic Modern Quick Manicure

About Beeluxè Studio

Welcome to Beeluxe Studio, where we redefine the beauty experience. As a Black and woman-owned business, we take pride in providing you with premium quality press-on nails that not only save you time but also help you save money. Say goodbye to those lengthy salon appointments and hello to effortless elegance at home. Our meticulously crafted press-on nails offer a flawless fit and exceptional durability, ensuring you can enjoy long-lasting beauty without compromising on style. Join us at Beeluxe Studio and discover the joy of cutting salon visits while enjoying the highest standard of quality.